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You can download PII’s policy submissions and presentations below.

PII Submission on Land Development Agency December 2018

21/01/2019 - PII made a submission to Government and the Oireachts on the new Land Development Agency and its functions.

Submission to Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Help-to-Buy Scheme

06/07/2018 - The attached is the PII submission on Ex-post Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Help-to-Buy Scheme

Submission on National Regeneration and Development Agency

06/07/2018 - PII made a submission to Government on the National Regeneration and Development Agency as outlined in Project Ireland 2040

PII Submission to Review of Vacant Property Tax

06/07/2018 - PII made this submission to the review by Indecon on the issues relating to making provision in law for a tax on vacant residential property

PII Pre-Budget 2019 Submission

02/07/2018 - In our Pre-Budget submission, we identify key actions that would ensure a return to viability and a functioning housing market able to deliver homes for all.

Better housing: improving affordability and supply

18/06/2018 - Joint Ibec/PII report outlines detailed recommendations that the business community believes addresses the root causes of the housing crisis

BCAR – Recommendations for Reform

29/05/2018 - This document seeks to outline some of the key areas for development and reform the current building control system in Ireland

PII January AGM 2018

31/01/2018 - Presentations from the PII AGM can be downlaoded here

Brexit and Ireland’s property sector

04/01/2018 - The report reviews the likely impact of Brexit on the Irish property market, including some significant risks, but also some opportunities.

Property Industry Ireland submission to Rebuilding Ireland Review

11/08/2017 - PII's submission to the review of Government's Housing and Homelessness Action Plan

Pre-Budget 2018 Submission

31/07/2017 - PII's submission to Minister for Finance Donohoe in advance of Budget 2018

Rental Strategy Response

20/07/2017 - Property Industry Ireland's submission to the Minister for Housing on Governments Rental Strategy, July 2017.

Submission on Ireland 2040 - Our Plan, National Planning Framework

31/03/2017 - PII's submission to the Ireland 2040 - Our Plan issues and concepts paper, March 2017

Tax Treatment of Rental Income

02/03/2017 - The attached paper outlines key issues for taxation and the Residential Rental Sector

Rebuilding Ireland Update February 2017

21/02/2017 - Documents updating on progress to Rebuilding Ireland Actions (members only)

PII Briefing on Rental - presentation slides

01/02/2017 - Click here to access the slides from PII's Briefing on Rental on 1 February 2017 (members only)

PII AGM 1 December 2016 - Presentations

01/12/2016 - The presentations from the PII Chairman, PII DIrector and four policy committees can be downloaded here.

Delivering "Rebuilding Ireland"

07/09/2016 - Property Industry Ireland Pre-Budget 2017 Submission

Central Bank mortgage rules submission

01/09/2016 - New research points to social cost of Central Bank mortgage rules being high

Policy Reform to Increase the Supply of New Housing

27/06/2016 - Policy Reform to Increase the Supply of New Housing

Property Issues for the First 100 Days of Government

22/03/2016 - Property Issues for the First 100 Days of Government

Housing Manifesto

09/11/2015 - Property Industry Irelands proposed manifesto for housing for Election 2016

PII Membership Brochure

20/10/2015 - Information on the activities and services of Property Industry Ireland and Ibec.

Investing in Social Housing

09/10/2014 - The following paper outlines various means of increasing the supply of social housing in Ireland

The Cost of Construction in Ireland: A European comparison (2014)

09/06/2014 - A comparison of the cost of commercial construction in Ireland and Europe

A National Spatial and Development Plan for Ireland

14/05/2014 - This submission highlights how an integrated national spatial and development plan can improve quality of life, maintain Ireland’s economic competitive edge and promote sustainable growth

Delivering Ireland's Property Needs

14/02/2014 - What reforms are needed to deliver Ireland’s property needs?

Towards National Property Strategy

16/10/2013 - Moving the Sector Forward in a Collaborative and Sustainable Manner

Planning a Better Future

19/06/2012 - a report on reform of the Irish Planning System

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