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CSO numbers mask situation in construction sector - PII

Latest population projections forecast stronger population growth than contained in previous projections. Stronger migration inflows would result in even stronger growth.

    These new projections suggest that if household size recommences its long run decline over 840,000 new homes will be required by 2046, and close to 900,000 by 2051.

    Employment in construction shows a welcome increase to 137,700, an increase of 12,400 in the year.

    Further increases in employment are needed to meet the resource requirements to deliver the volume of housing required.

Property Industry Ireland, the Ibec group that represents businesses operating in the property sector, has said that while the growth in overall employment numbers is welcome, it masks the situation of the construction sector.

Commenting on today’s CSO releases PII Director, Dr. David Duffy stated: “Having lost over 160,000 jobs during the downturn, employment has only increased by 56,800 since its lowest point in the first quarter of 2013. In the recent PII and Ibec report we estimate that an additional 80,000 workers are needed in the construction sector to meet current housing demand.

“Skills shortages are already emerging in the sector. These are not just confined to the building trades but are also emerging in the design and planning professions.

“We must remove any barriers that prevent an inflow of skilled labour from abroad. Both returning Irish emigrants and non-nationals need to feel needed and welcome. In addition, our recent report with Ibec recommends that the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs be convened to review and prioritise an upgrade to the construction sector’s skills base and capabilities.”
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